Saturday, July 7, 2012

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

In case you were wondering, this blog of JSH and JTD's random musings about wine, women, cigars and song morphed into the Victorian Squares blog in 2011. Those original posts can still be found over there, in an index on the right-hand column.

Meanwhile, this area was set aside on reserve for the actual global organization of the Old Order of Transylvania Gentlemen, which is basically our fraternal lodge for retro-loving louts like ourselves who would rather sit on the veranda sipping rye and read an old Thomas DeQuincey book than diddle around on Facebook, Pinterest and Klout via the latest cancer-causing wireless device du jour.

Problem is, a secret society tends not to generate much blog-post content. Especially when we're too busy living the life of Riley to log onto the internet.

But we promise to try. Starting now. Go. (Meanwhile, join us. And email us. And read this.)