Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Media Blackout in the Black Hills

It's been several days since the Lakota Nation declared its sovereignty from the United States, and I'm amazed how little coverage this is getting from the mainstream press. Vladimir Putin and Hugo Chavez have already commented on it with approval (of course) but so far there's been a near-total media blackout from major outlets. And this for one of the most important breaking news stories in years.

Strangely, some bloggers are already putting a weird spin on the matter, trying to say this isn't a real Lakota uprising, but rather, Russell Means simply speaking out from his own point of view. From all reliable indicators, however, it seems that the Lakota secession is indeed for real. It's on!

I'm going to make some phone calls out to the Lakota Nation and try to get the scoop tomorrow, so I'll keep you posted as to what I learn. Meanwhile, there's plenty of interesting reading here.

Can the free Transylvanian Nation be far behind? Hokahe!

- - JSH

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