Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ommegeddon Time!

Ommegang Breweries already bring us the finest beer known to man, which is Duvel. That being the case, it's really difficult to care about anything else they make, or anyone else makes, for that matter. Beer Perfection is already in our grasp, so why dabble with experiments that are certain to end in disappointment?

Well, here's one experiment worth taking. Ommegeddon is neither better nor worse than Duvel, it's simply a sideways trip - it's every bit the beer Duvel is, but with an action-packed Hop factor that's like a punch in the face. If you ever said words to the effect of "I like Duvel, but I wish it was much, much Hoppier", then fall to your knees and praise the Lord, friend, for your prayers have met with a favorable response. Ommegang is not only mega-uber-Hoppy, it's brewed with a specific type of weird yeast called Brettanomyces.

For many in the wine and beer making world, Brettanomyces is a bad word. It lends a powerful funk to that which it inhabits, which some have described politely as "mulchy" and others not so politely as "notes of horseshit". Many vintners actually consider Brettanomyces something to fight from "tainting" their batches, and have discarded countless barrels because of Brettanomyces contamination. And yet, here these nutty Ommegang folks are actually openly, deliberately, building a beer brand around it!

I give it two thumbs up and would give it three if I could grow a third.

- - JSH

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