Thursday, June 5, 2008

Paul Stanley, Wrestler?

Found this peculiar knock-off toy in Garden Ridge, of all places. (I didn't even know they had a toy aisle. I was there to buy potting soil.)

Now, I know that there was a Gene Simmons-inspired wrestler, The Demon, aka Dale Torborg, and that wrestling versions of the other KISS members had once been planned, but I didn't think of any the others came to fruition.

So what bizarro universe did this action figure come from?

I suspect that this generically-packaged item is a frankenstein that some bunch of Chinese toy-company hacks tossed together by sticking a bunch of leftover Paul heads from a KISS figurine onto a bunch of leftover dolls for some other rassler. Which makes this item relatively rare in the big scheme of things, not to mention cool as hell if you like KISS. And you do.

- - JSH

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