Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stammheimer Hopfenschnupf

I worship Stammheimer Hopfenschnupf.

No, Stammheimer Hopfenschnupf isn't an obscure Wagnerian opera singer from 1918, nor is it an experimental World War II aircraft, but rather the newest taste treat for my sinuses. It's a dry snuff (you know, real snuff, the kind you actually sniff) imported from Germany and containing delicious Stammheimer beer hops.

Though I'm enamored of all the other snuffs in my collection, especially Wilson's Irish High Toast, this hoppy German confection is the ultimate for me. It pairs perfectly with Duvel, my Belgian ale of choice. A fella could have a pretty good weekend in Butchertown with all that stuff. Throw a Dirt cigar in there too and then you got somethin'.

(What, I hear you cry, huff powdered tobacco and smoke a cigar at the same time? Oh hell yes. Life is good.)

I ordered mine from the British outfit Snuff Store and was quite pleased with their lightning-fast service, but a poster on the Snuffhouse forum notes that you can now get it stateside from Mr. Snuff.

- - JSH

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Rocks said...

If you are interested, there are some outstanding "Connoisseur" notes on the website. For example he describes McC OnG as "McChrystal's Original and Genuine secret recipe prevails. Rounded, rich, and powerful, with a fine sense of austere minerality. Huge, rich, balanced and so smooth; bursting with ripe, sweet fermented bale-packed leaf. Gorgeous balance, with menthol-cool and such a delicate nose-feel."
I think the same guy did reviews of the QuitWithSnuff ( brands on Check out his thoughts on Quit With Snuff Brand Apricot:
"Complex and interesting, the full bodied fruit takes a while to get past the menthol, but when it does: BAM….you have a fruit basket cornucopia. The nose is wide open, with rich ripe aromas of Apricot, obviously, but also lush plump juicy peach and nectarine pop in to say hello and linger awhile. Eventually opens up to flavors of ripe raspberry, black cherry, tobacco, merest hint of fresh creosote, earth, and a touch of spice. Nose tingle is medium and appropriately edging toward sharp, but the sneeze factor is almost non-existent. The finish is lengthy and enjoyable, with plenty of fruit, bordering on a jammy fruit bomb – but staying just below that to be a polished, well balanced snuff for enjoyment on its own or with food. A perfect dessert snuff, though I suspect many will use this as their everyday tipple."

I love it!