Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lux, RIP

Lux Interior has left the building. Dead at 62, he was rockin' to the end. Whether it was Cheeseburger & Fries covering "All Women Are Bad," among others, or simply that most of us in the Creeps Universe have coveted and taken influence from the Cramps (Miss Kitty Twister & her Hot Dogs have covered Cramps songs as well, and Brian Manley's on stage chic owes more than a little to Lux's precedent), it's a sad day. And a heckuva pre-birthday present for me (b-day being tomorrow). Anyway, I find myself somber. I'll leave it at that. Remember, kids: stay sick.


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Catclaw Theatre said...

"Well, I fell out of bed this morning,

Saw what the guy on the TV said

The big Rock Awards crowned a brand new King;

It shoulda been ME instead!"

- Lux Interior, "Elvis Fucking Christ", 2003