Friday, October 23, 2009

The Hertz-Starks Building

I'm diggin' my new offices in the gloriously retro Starks Building, a place just radiating art deco classiness and Barton Fink eerieness.

It's actually called the Hertz-Starks Building these days, now that the great Mendel Hertz has made it a major project of his to renovate the place and restore it to its original glory. 1980s carpet has been removed from the offices, revealing 1960s linoleum underneath, and having removed that too, 1910s hardwood floors are seeing the light of day again.

Old tenants like the Colonnade Restaurant and the old-guy clothing store Rodes, who had been kicked out by the previous owner (incompetent and uncaring file-jockeys at Allstate Insurance), are being urged to return and turn back the clock once again to the way it was. How can I not get behind a metachronistic undertaking such as this?

It's paradise, Captain. Paradise.

- - JSH

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Curlyryan said...

hey there JSH it's JAW (jessie Weems), not the curlyryan you see listed here. you should also check out the Carew tower in Cincy. Amazing Deco.