Sunday, December 27, 2009

Nightlife Notes #3

This week's installment of Nightlife Notes: Mojito Tapas, Jeff Ruby's, Christmas-Eve Eve at Seidenfaden's, my search for a Starbucks that doesn't care about the reason for the season, and some stern tutelage on how to fix my gawdam steak.

- - JSH


Anonymous said...

Oh Rolling Rock! I used to buy a bucket of them for $5.00 at Woody's.

I sure wish I could buy a bucket of Rolling Rock now.

I also wish I knew what happened to Woody's. The last time I drove by the Glyndon Hotel it was gone.

I really liked Woody's. It had a bit of that Old New Orleans type flaire, and the waitresses were nice and quite a few of them were hotties too.

Transylvania Gentlemen said...

Glyndon reference, check. Woody's reference, check. Usage of the word "hotties", check.

But a bucket of Rolling Rock sure does sound good right about now, funk soul brother, right about now.