Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jefferson's Reserve

Laura Mercy, look what Victoria went and got the JSH for solstice: a big honkin' bottle of the one, the only, Jefferson's Reserve, aged 15 years. They say that by the time they open the barrel, over 50% of the bourbon has evaporated. (Forgive me as I cringe somewhat while typing that.) They call that missing bourbon "The Angel's Share".

I've had shots of ol' J.R. at Jockey Silks before, but I don't recall the stuff being quite as mesmerizing then as now, with this freshly opened flask. Their website compares it to a fine cognac and they're absolutely spot-on; this elixir makes even greater strides than Four Roses Single Barrel in closing the gap between bourbon and cognac. And I'm a sucker for anything sold in an individually-numbered limited edition - mine's #375 of only 2400.

I like to think that when the ensign in Forbidden Planet asked Robby the Robot to manufacture some bourbon for him, and he was amazed at its smoothness, this is what it tasted like.

- - JSH

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J.T. Dockery said...

I need to lay my clammy paws on some of this stuff. My mouth kindly waters just daydreaming about taking a sip.