Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easta Sundy

Like all good Southern Gentlemen, Kentucky Gentlemen, and Transylvania Gentlemen, I've spent much of Easter Sunday a-settin' on the veranda, sipping iced tea. Shortly the cocktail hour will arrive and I'll make the switch from caffeine to Dr. Hall. Tonight's menu will most likely consist of my new invention, the Veranda Cocktail, appropriately enough.

When a man sits on the porch of his plantation and ruminates, the universe often coughs up some deep truths about the human condition. Since my plantation is in the suburbs, there's even more opportunities to be reminded of the trap all humanity is in. Fortunately, I live in Creeps Time, which means I've already peeked ahead to the last page of the big book we're all living in.

And what did I learn from it?

Well, I'm sitting on the porch sipping tea. Draw your own conclusions.

- - JSH

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