Monday, April 19, 2010

Valero Commits Suicide in Prison

The story of the controversial boxer Edwin Valero has taken the final twist. Recently jailed for the murder of his wife, Valero hung himself in his cell using his sweatpants as a noose.

Watchers of Valero's downward spiral can't say they didn't see it all coming, or at least suspect it was coming. As Bad Left Hook astutely summarizes:

"It's the final awful step in what had been about a two-year downward spiral for the fighter. Over that time, he'd been involved in multiple incidents, including assault of his mother, sister and wife, a DUI charge in Texas that made it impossible for him to fight in the one state in the U.S. that would license him, several traffic incidents, gun charges, and God knows what else that never got reported."

That also doesn't include his near-fatal motorcycle accident without a helmet that necessitated brain surgery. Then in 2004, he failed an MRI due to "brain scan irregularities" and was no longer allowed to fight in the United States. It took until 2008 for him to become cleared to box in Texas. His wife kept going to the hospital beaten up but always claiming a fall or an accident. At one of these incidents, Valero's behavior towards hospital staff was so obnoxious and aggressive that they had him committed to six months of psychiatric examination.

Yesterday, April 18, Valero's wife was found dead in a hotel room. Valero, the obvious prime suspect, was arrested and reportedly admitted that he had murdered her.

- - JSH

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