Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Further Frozen Failure

Recently your humble scribe could be heard griping about how Starbucks has changed the formula for the Frappucino. I mused that I'd probably go back to Java Brewing Company's frap-equivalent, which I've enjoyed in years past, but looks like Plan B has also been scuttled.

I had one today and it was, frankly, substandard. It was very watery-tasting, like they used too much ice and not enough sugar and chocolate; reminiscent of when you get an Icee from a machine that's running low on syrup. At least there was a decent coffee buzz, though it lacked flavor or presence or nuance or anything worth analyzing. They used to have chocolate syrup squirted in patterns inside the cup, but not this one. It was a decidedly un-mocha Mocha, and not worth the 5 bucks I shelled out for it. Feh.

My search for a frozen coffee to replace Starbucks in my heart continues. Come on, indie coffeemongers, step up to the plate on this. Nature abhors a vacuum, and Starbucks has just left a gaping maw of one by giving their cash cow Frappuccino the suicidal "New Coke" treatment.

- - JSH

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