Friday, June 11, 2010

Have You Seen This (Transylvania Gentle) Man, Or, Gone Fishin' to Infinity

Back in December, I pretty much said before the same which applies this time around for my absence around this and wild and wooly web at the corner of Here and Nowhere that is this place. Wait, what did I just write with my hands? Are those my hands? What were we talking about?

Well, maybe you heard somebody say they saw me down in Athens, GA at the FLUKE comics convention.

Or, maybe you yourself saw me slinging the slop at Gumbo Ya Ya in Lexington, KY, only to return just days later to inquire about me and have this guy Bub hang his head low and say inscrutably, "Alice doesn't live here anymore."

The truth is stranger than fiction, and I've got to the point that I don't even believe a certain percentage of the lies I tell myself about myself. Friends, just suspect I'm out there somewhere, drawing comics, and pumping that piano, closer to an outhouse than any electrical outlet. Here's hoping to a day soon that will include regular entries here. And, if that hope don't pan out then I go to my back up and just hope then to get my kicks before the whole proverbial shithouse goes up in flames.


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