Monday, July 5, 2010

Jim Beam Rye

My new favorite around-the-house sippin' whiskey is Jim Beam Rye . While I'm a bourbon guy, some bourbons have a certain "sweet" twang that's not my bag...Maker's Mark is a good example of this sweetness which is not my thing.

Usually, when the pockets are shallow or I'm just not feeling too fancy, a bottle of Early Times suffices to keep close at hand. But artist, Ben Durham , whose taste buds when it comes to whiskey are often in accord with my own, hipped me to Jim Beam's rye.

I'll order standard Jim Beam at the bar or buy it as an alternate choice for Early Times, but the rye beats the standard, for my taste buds...having that more dry, more smoky approach to whiskey that I dig special, like scotch does. The price is right, and it tastes good like a whiskey should.


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JSH said...

Docko spends a year-o in limbo, and suddenly the man is on fire. Vroooooom.