Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cigar Safari

Perhaps you've been reluctant to try the offerings of Drew Estate's "Natural" line. Maybe the hippiefied packaging is a turnoff, or maybe you saw those wretched-but-popular Acid Cigars they make and you thought all their wares were incense flavored. Not so.

Friend, I beseech thee to sample three of Drew's more no-nonsense varieties: "Dirt", "Root", or my personal favorite accompaniment to a Mojito, the diminutive yet wallop-packing "Jucy Lucy". These are Earthy, tasty, savory smokes as their nomenclature suggests, yet never harsh or overly cloying. The Jucy Lucy in particular, though not a flavored cigar per se, has a nice subtle caramelized taste on its Cameroon wrapper, but only on the wrapper, so you get that pleasant taste on your lips but not in the smoke.

I've been a Drew Estate Natural fan for about three years now and only once in all that time did I ever encounter one that was rolled too tight and hard to get a draw on. Even then, I persevered; it was worth putting a little elbow grease into the lung power.

For the hardcore Drew Estate obsessive, you can take their Cigar Safari deep in the wilderness of Nicaragua and see how their cigars are made right on the plantation. I ain't that hardcore yet. I'll have my own cigar safari in the walk-in humidor at Cox's.

- - JSH

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