Sunday, August 15, 2010

World Market Coffee Club

I've always been all about the World Market store, not so much for its home furnishings (they do have great stuff, though!) but for its food and drink department. They carry lots of interesting kitchen and pantry items that one doesn't find elsewhere, at least not in Louisville - and you know me, I go wherever my stomach leads me.

I'm always looking for that next great coffee, and I've found it with World Market's Coffee Club, wherein they punch my card each time I buy a bag of their wares and I get the seventh one free. I'm hooked on their Italian Roast right now, which is far better than most of the coffee I've ever raved about on here and is rock-bottom soft-on-the-pocket cheap, cheap, cheap. Why pay more for fancy packaging and hype?

Of course, their Italian Roast isn't "organic" or "locally owned" or "fair trade" or any of that marketing-buzzword happy-crappy. I just want a good bag of beans, dammit. Spare me your bells and whistles. World Market's got it goin' on. (They actually do offer some organics, for those who want to pay more for vague and unverifiable assurances of alleged superior provenance.)

At my local store, they also have a "World Wines" store set up right next door, also very highly recommended. Far deeper selection than Whole Foods' similar adjacent-wine-store thing, and super deals.

- - JSH

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