Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Holy Spirit

Another Creeps classic has fallen in step with the Tube-ization of the internet.

The Cheeseburger & Fries milestone "I Got the Holy Spirit in Me" (J.T. Dockery on vocals) is now available on YouTube, ready to serve in a handy snack-pak for all you lazy drobes who couldn't be bothered to hear it live in 1997 or buy the CD in 1999 or download the mp3 in 2009 but suddenly find it to be a new and magical experience if it's suddenly a "video".

Some hyper-collector fan once complained to Elvis Costello, words to the effect of: "Dude, why didn't you release such-and-such demo as a bonus track on the remastered CD? And why don't you make the such-and-such live show available on DVD or the net, man?"

Costello's reply was brilliant. "If you weren't there, then you missed it."

That's how I feel about giving y'all a third or fourth chance to witness the most important 49 seconds you may ever spend on YouTube. But as much as I'd like to keep these sacred recordings in the vault for only the ears of the worthy, people gotta know. They gotta know why we were killed.

- - JSH

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