Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Swamp Thing

I love it when restaurants give their bar a separate identity and its own name. If you hear me talking about going to "The Swamp", just know that I really mean the bar at Joe's OK Bayou, but it sounds cooler.

Though it was their Happy Hour that brought me to the depths of the Swamp, it was the food that really put the hook in me. Recently I had an amazing repast of fried alligator and jambalaya - and I kid you not, it was better than any jambalaya I ever had when I lived in New Orleans.

(Then again, my personal tastes are lowbrow and peculiar; I actually liked that their jambalaya was extremely dry, not soupy, and that the chicken and sausage were what some might call overcooked. The hardcore cajun/creole gourmands among you would probably say that Joe and I are uncultured boors, but hey, I'm here to write about what I like, not what you like.)

- - JSH

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