Monday, March 14, 2011

Raiders of the Lost Art

A couple of days ago, I ventured into the dark labyrinthine depths of one my storage units to retrieve some of my paintings for a dealer. While rummaging around amid endless boxes of crap representing my long life of loutdom, hoarding and malfeasance, I stumbled upon a box of old zines from the Lexington-area scene of the 90s.

One of them in particular, an issue of Nick Valle's Blunt Object, was chock-full of pen-and-ink drawings from our own Professor Dockery. With only one exception (one I didn't reproduce here), I don't think any of the bits used in that zine have seen the light of day since.

This, then, is a long-overdue spotlight on some of these lost scribblings from the main mind of Moore's Creek. As always, click to enlarge, Sarge:

- - JSH

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"The Dregs of Docdom"