Monday, March 21, 2011

Two Faces

Whenever you're with me make sure it's still me,
I've got to the stage I can't tell which I'll be,
The loveable fellow who'll buy you a drink,
Then when he's drunk he'll change in a wink
into Hyde, Mister Hyde, Mister Hyde.

- The Who

There's a stranger in the house
Nobody's seen his face
oh, but everybody says he's taken my place
There's a stranger in the house
No one will ever see
But everybody says he looks like me.

- George Jones & Elvis Costello

Sometimes it tries to kid me that it's just a teddy bear
Or even somehow manage to vanish in the air.
And that is when I must beware of the beast in me
that everybody knows
they've seen him out dressed in my clothes
patently unclear if it's new york
or new year.

- Nick Lowe

Why on Earth do you revolve around me?
Aren't you aware of the gravity?

Abort your mission, let's just say you tried
Before you glimpse I have a darker, darker side.


- - JSH

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