Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blue Agave Tequila Bar

Given my ongoing obsessions with margaritas and with the elixir of life they call Mezcal, it's only natural that I'd drift into this place called Blue Agave at Lexington's Victorian Square.

I showed up here recently during that gray-area downtime between lunch hour and happy hour and chatted with a bartender named Jeff (nice name) and he showed me around. Naturally I inquired about Mezcal and he showed me the only kind they carry: Del Maguey. Yes! I think I'm gonna like it here.

And when I returned in the evening, I found the place to be perfectly conducive to kicking back in a rear booth, cozying up to a margarita or a mojito, and getting some writing done.

It's located in that same spot where the late lamented Bravo Pitino restaurant, owned by Rick Pitino himself, once occupied. Something about this location has always appealed to me, back since the grand productive days when Cheeseburger & Fries (Ole Doc Dockery and I) used to follow this strict ritual every morning in the mid-1990s: 1. get up early in the morning; 2. walk all the way down to Victorian Square from Preston Arms; 3. consume ginormous mega-buttery cinnamon rolls at some bakery place that no longer exists; 4. immediately feel powerfully ill; 5. swear we'll never go there again.

Repeat until it fails.

Anyway. Yeah. Blue Agave. I vote yes. I hear they also serve food here. I wouldn't know. I drank my dinner. I'm buildin' a levee, son, drink by drink, gulp by gulp. This succulent's for you.

- - JSH

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