Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Joli Leblon

As I mentioned last month, I was recently introduced to the wonders of Leblon Cachaca and was well pleased. So when I spied a bottle at the liquor store yesterday, I just had to pony up and take some home.

If you've taken my advice and already gone out and scored whatever brand of Cachaca you can (what? you haven't???), then you may be surprised by the stuff's, uh, rather unique grip on the palate (A gal-pal described it as "like what I imagine drinking household cleaning products would be like"). Yes, limey and sugary though a caipirinha may be, you just have to try one to understand where I'm comin' from. This ain't no girly drink. The stuff goes into you like a train, if you'll permit a Psychedelic Furs reference.

Leblon is far, far smoooooother than previous Cachacas I've tried, though, so it may be your best bet at a Caipirinha-enthusiast's starter kit. I don't mind the dirtier, nastier tang of Ypioca, but for variety's sake, Leblon's a tasty and classy diversion. And, of course, it's just as mind-bendingly intoxicating as other brands. What was it Ice Cube said in that beer commercial that got banned? "It'll get her ready quicker, get yer jimmy thicker".

- - JSH

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