Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Dark Night of the Soul

As you may know, two-thirds of Louisville was without power yesterday and today. Mine's back on, but LG&E says some people may not get theirs turned on for ten more days.

Outside was madness. It was like the end of the world in the streets, as crazed humans drove like idiots without street lights to guide them. You could smell a real and palpable panic in the public as they gradually realized that NOTHING was open, no supermarkets, no gas stations, no nothing. The whole thing felt like a dress rehearsal for the real socio-economic collapse that is on the way.

Aside from the fact that I lost some gelato and other spoilable items in the freezer and fridge, I actually enjoyed the blackout. It was nice for once to not be bathed in electrical noise, electromagnetic radiation, cellphone tower radiation, alternating current brainwave interference, etc. The full moon was gloriously incandescent without the smothering light pollution of the city.

I felt relieved being in a total absence of electricity, so much so that I would gladly, given the chance, do the same thing Snake Plissken does at the end of Escape from L.A..


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