Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In and Out of Tongues (Illustrated)

Being without computer unexpectedly, the self-proclamation of my own return to being back to form was stated prematurely. That said, the In Tongues Illustrated book release went just fine.

Now it's off to SPX this weekend. Then I'll conquer the world.

In the meantime and in between time, here's some things that have been keeping this old boy from being too lonely:

Dark City: the Lost World of Film Noir by Eddie Muller. I scored a cheap second hand copy of this book that I had borrowed from both our own JSH and the Downtown Lexington Library so much that the old lady, when I bought it, already thought I owned it. Certainly, it's been a crime that I haven't had this on ye olde book shelf. This is one of the best guides through the terrain we call film noir what has been writ. Eddie Muller knows his stuff, and this is the right dark alley to stumble in and jump-start a film noir habit. If you're already an old noir-hand, the illumination in the night that Muller provides will light the way to further avenues to explore. Beyond the top-notch writing, just looking at the book works, as it functions as an art book unto itself, sans the writing.

The Comics Journal is the central place in print to go to read up on funny books. Somebody's got to do it, and, lucky for us, Gary Groth, Kim Thompson & Co. have got it covered. Call 'em pretentious, call 'em elitists, call 'em assholes, call 'em misguided...but more often than not, they're the only ones who have the brass to tell it like it is, even when they miss the mark. I dug out a big stack of old Journals recently and have been revisiting a whole mess of interviews with artists and reviews of books past.

I got limited time, folks. Expect more transmissions from agent JTD when I get my grubby paws on a computer at home again.


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