Sunday, May 9, 2010

12 Years of Smackmania

I Recently spoke to this blog's mostly MIA co-author, J.T. Dockery, on the gmail chat. He reported that May 5th, Cinco de Mayo, was the 12th anniversary of he and Brine Manley forming The Smacks! and this factoid simply boggles my mind. Have they really been around that long?

It seems like just yesterday I saw that these fresh-faced lads play their snappy pop tunes in a cajun restaurant in a Lexington shopping center that had been illegally built over a desecrated cemetery.

And then I saw them playing once with an ostensibly female bass player who went on to form an even crappier band called The Crunchies.

And then there was the time I saw them play at Seidenfaden's in Louisville, with Manley wearing a pair of panties on his head but not under his skirt.

Dockery, who has been living at no fixed address lately, rarely has the opportunity or the inclination to touch the internet with a ten foot pole, and we can't say as we blame him. God bless him. Viva le Smack.

- - JSH

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