Monday, September 20, 2010

Thee Flying Carpets

I didn't even know about the Whole Foods Birthday Bash when I showed up there a few hours ago - I was only there to get me some Pico de Gallo chips. And when I heard some rockin' garage-organ sounds coming from the parking lot bandstand, I did a double take. It sounded for all the world like Question Mark & The Mysterians or The Music Machine had come to town.

I unfortunately had wandered in near the close of their set, but I heard six or seven songs, enough to make them my new favorite local band. The covers of "I Can't Explain" and "Dirty Water" were spot-on, kick-ass, top-notch, five-star, fab-gear, killer-diller, and all kinds of other hyphenated cliches.

I rarely leave the house without my camera case, and wouldn't you know it, this was one of those times. I'll be seeing them again soon, though, and will snap some shots when I do. The band in question is, of course, Thee Flying Carpets (Doug Norman - vocals, guitar; Brent Starkey - bass; Sarah Osborne - organ ; Jim Battles - drums) and you can hear some mp3 of these repertoire on their MySpace. ("Eyes in the Back of my Head" is my favorite amongst those - it's standing at the corner of Arthur Lee's Love and Paul Revere & The Raiders).

- - JSH

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