Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Thing About Ernesto's

I may have missed out on getting to eat at Hitchcock's Ernie's, but at least I have Ernesto's to keep me warm. It's a Mexican restaurant with multiple locations in L-ville, but my personal preference is for the one in Middletown on Shelbyville Road.

Free wi-fi, so a degenerate old wordsmith like me can take over a booth in the back and type out literary masterpieces worthy of Jack Torrance all evening, and keep those super-strong Happy Hour margaritas a-comin'. And unlike some parsimonious places, they don't seem to care if you eat your own weight in free chips and salsa as long you keep a-drinkin'.

After the fourth frozen margarita, my prose becomes rather spirited (no pun intended, but Barton Fink reference indeed intended.) Hunter S. Thompson knew just what I'm talkin' about but he's dead now and his death must be avenged.

More salsa, mi hermano.

- - JSH

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