Saturday, November 6, 2010

Manhattan Grill

Though I haven't gotten to NYC lately, I still get to soak up some vaguely familiar vibes from the New York-themed Manhattan Grill at the corner of 4th and Muhammad Ali in Louisville.

I highly recommend their BBQ-sauce-slathered Bronx Burger (with american cheese and bacon), and their Queens Burger (with mushroom and swiss cheese) is also mighty tasty. Check their menu here - but note it's a PDF file.

My only carp about this joint is that sometimes they've been known to blast some of the most god-awful music, at least to my sensitive soul, in the known Universe. This makes it pretty much useless for a place to get any writing done in, although they do offer free wi-fi. Come on y'all, play some Ramones or KISS or Lou Reed or something, you know?

- - JSH

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