Saturday, November 13, 2010


After last weekend's grumbling about all the crummy service and clueless employees in local businesses, let's give a Transylvania shout-out to a place that's doing everything right.

Seviche on Bardstown Road in Louisville, has definitely got it going on. The ambience is a perfect mix of light and dark (mostly dark), the staff are very friendly and knowledgable (it's always great to talk to a bartender so enthusiastic about his craft that he'll carry on an extended conversation about it with you, as opposed to many a drinkmonger who ducks discussion lest you discover just how much he's really bluffing his way through it) and the food is so exquisite that it's hard not to make orgasmic noises and animalistic yummy-sounds.

What's good here? Everything. From the Kentucky Bison Empanadas to the Blue Corn Dusted Tilapia, throw a dart at the menu and you'll hit something savory. But for myself, it's that good ol' Steak Chimichurri that I can't stop ordering, again and again and again.

The rumor that Seviche is expanding into the old Ear X-Tacy spot next door has been confirmed as true. Imagine a Seviche twice its current size - it's enough to boggle my mind. Life is good.

The pictures are blurry but the place is sharp. The camera was drinking, not me.

- - JSH


Ross said...

Looks like a sweet bistro. It gets darker at night I take it.

JSH said...

Yep. I didn't take pics of the back area, which is always darker, even in daylight.