Monday, November 15, 2010

Fiesta Mexicana

I love Shelby County, and whenever I'm there and I'm in need of a space to kick back in a rear booth, hoist a few and get some writing done on the great Pulcovian novel, I make a beeline for Fiesta Mexicana on Shelbyville's Main Street. Like the mighty Ernesto's (which incidentally, is from whence I commit these words to the aether even now), Fiesta Mexicana is transcendentally mellow and couldn't care less if I make camp in a booth all damn day and consume more free chips and salsa than any non-diabetic individual has a right. Other than that, I subsist solely on tequila, girlfriend.

And seriously though, as Mexican restaurants go, Fiesta Mexicana is a cut above the cookie-cutter carnicerias that dot our landscape like forensic blood spatter. The fajita trays here pile on the meat like the Devil's Tower.

- - JSH

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