Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fat Elvis and Fat Jim Morrison Team-Up!

As Mr. Holland and I often do, we were engaging in serious philosophical discussion when we started goofing on the idea if a fat period version of Elvis were to team up with a fat period version of Jim Morrison. While this ain't the most reverential way to celebrate Big E's birthday (nor was it planned that way), here we are a few days later and I've brought the concept from our serious discussions to fruition via my sketchbook (thus the double-fisted posting in the true "team-up" spirit).

Not only is the result not safe for work, it's not even in good taste. Not that TG is ever really either of those things. Click this link and then navigate through the pages.


1 comment:

JSH said...

I like this team-up better than the one between Jim and Jimi.

But when do they do battle with Doctor Doom?