Saturday, March 5, 2011

New KISS Coffins

The old KISS coffin has been discontinued for some time now, which bummed me out because I'm actually at a point where I can afford one, and at a point where I probably should start thinking about such things.

Happily, KISS have struck a new deal with a new supplier for not one, but two new KISS coffins!

I like that one of them has Tommy and Eric, and the other has Peter and Ace. I actually like the Peter and Ace solo album faces one better than the other, and I'm in luck, because it's several hundred bucks cheaper. Four grand is really a lot to pay for a box to toss my carcass in; maybe I'll get one if I win the KISS Lottery.

On the other hand, I could buy a generic coffin for $495 and just
glue pictures of KISS all over it myself, or paint my own.

- - JSH

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