Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tom Neely's The Wolf

Paris, Texas native and Los Angeles based artist and author of the Ignatz award winning 2007 graphic novel The Blot, Tom Neely, is set to publish his second major book, The Wolf. But he could use a little scratch to do so.

He is offering everything from original work he did for the band ISIS, to discount bundles of his comics and prints, to original pages from the comic book he did for a Melvins box set, to putting up for sale the original series of paintings which inspired his mucho-lauded The Blot.

Lord knows I'm a wind-bag, but it's easy in this instance to keep it brief. Neely is one of the most interesting contemporary cartoonists out there. He keeps it DIY. This is a chance to own some top notch original art and prints and comics directly from the artist at a decent price. Purchases now will result in the publication of a book that promises to be one of the most interesting publications of the 2011 funny book season. Go to it, and tell him we sent you.


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Anonymous said...

Tom's awesome! I bought one of the originals. Its off the charts!!!