Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Later is Now

All these current events sure make a man work up a pow'ful thirst. I was sittin' around Starbucks this morning thinkin', maybe those freaks was right when they said the end of the world is here and Judgment Day is upon us.


Even amid revelations that the BP oil disaster is still going on, and that more and more toxic Corexit is still being sprayed down there in the Gulf, and that Monsanto's genetically modified alfalfa is well on its way to polluting the world's food supply just like its GMO corn has already done, and that growing unrest in the Middle East is threatening the world's economy, and that Earthquakes in the pacific rim indicate growing tectonic instability that has already literally altered the planet's rotation, and that the nuclear fallout from Japan's melting reactors is already turning up in limits over the maximum EPA limits, I remain bursting with optimism.

Sitting on the ol' veranda here on the JSH plantation, sippin' Veranda Cocktails and pondering the future, I know that Kentuckians ain't skeered of a little radiation. My ancestors already survived the great potato famine, harassment from British jackasses, the Little Ice Age, grueling travel to the new world of America and the responsibility of creating a new civilization, Indian attacks, rattlesnakes, frostbite, sogginess, and usurpation of our Transylvanian heritage from the state of Virginia. There's nothing we can't handle, because we're already mutants.

Like the fella said, a country boy can survive.

- - JSH


J.T. Dockery said...

End times isn't a new thing. End times started long ago.

JSH said...

That's what Pocahontas said to Captain Smith.