Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pan Con Lechon

Our old friend JLK has a new feature on his blog called "Eat the Menu", in which he plans to try something new on the menu each week at his favorite Mexican restaurant, El Nopal.

Though I admire his bold experimental spirit, I could never do that because I'm too much a creature of habit when it comes to stuffing my face. I tend to get the same things again and again at my own favorite Latin restaurants. (And at Ernesto's, I don't even eat - I just drink.) However, inspired by JLK's intestinal fortitude, I recently deviated from my instinctual patterns at Havana Rumba and ordered something I'd never tried before - the Pan Con Lechon.

And I didn't regret it. It was a tasty pile of pulled pork on Cuban-style pressed bread with papas fritas on the side. (You're seeing the leftovers here, being packed up in a to-go box, along with the table bread and garlic butter. The taters were already consumed.)

But even now, I'm dreaming about that good ol' Steak Chimichurri. Must. Consume. More.

- - JSH

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