Thursday, November 18, 2010

Son of a Clown

Tonight I've been propping up the bar at Ernesto's, fighting the good fight and working on my latest play, Son of Grimaldi, as my best bartender Jorge keeps the salsa and swill a-comin'.

As you might expect, the influence of the Louisville bar scene is making an imprint on the play, even though it takes place in early 19th-century England. But hey, you shouldn't be expecting historical accuracy (at least, not as you know it) to weigh very heavily on my Interzonal genre of meta-chronistic pan-dimensional para-fiction. After this play runs, I fully expect to get the same short-sighted brand of hate mail from Commedia dell'arte devotees as I did from Fin de siècle fanatics after Toulouse-inations made its world debut.

Just as with Toulouse-inations, much of the "action" in Son of Grimaldi takes place in a saloon, as the younger clown increasingly turns to alcohol to escape the pressures of living up to his father's reputation as the greatest Clown in all of Europe.

Look for the play to be staged by my theatre company, Catclaw, very soon!

- - JSH


Covas said...

you got to get to el toro. they have live mariacha bands and 2for1 margarita drink speacials!!

JSH said...

Oh yeah, I do love El Toro as well, I've imbibed their Happy Hour margarita twofers many a time.

Thanks for the reminder, though, I really should drop in on them again soon, especially if there's a warm day left to sit on the patio.

There's just so many great places to go around here, a man go could mad trying to keep up. I've been meaning to try this new Señor Iguana's place on Shelbyville Road forever (I say "new" but I guess it's been there a year now), and I've been neglecting the new Havana Rumba branch in Middletown, etc., etc.