Saturday, March 12, 2011

Confidence-Trick Coffee

Though I am notorious for getting stuck in blissful ruts when it comes to food - I tend to order the same half-dozen dishes from the same dozen restaurants, night after night, over and over and over - I have a relatively short attention span when it comes to coffee. When it comes to the magic bean, I'm always looking for that next great caffeine sensation, and keep a roving eye.

Even after Starbucks and I had a bitter breakup when they changed the formula to my beloved Frap, I came crawling back after I discovered the joys of their iced coffees. Some other local offerings, like this one and this one, left a bad taste in my mouth - one literally, one figuratively. I still maintain a goodly supply of KISS Coffeehouse products around my kitchen, thanks to the fine folks down there in Myrtle Beach ever since I had my one-man art show there a couple years back, but really I've been uncharacteristically faithful to the World Market Coffee Club since last autumn. That's for my pre-dawn homemade coffee, anyway - I still end up getting an iced coffee at Starbucks most days, even when it's sub-zero temperatures.

So recently, on impulse while grocery shopping, I decided to nab a bag of Seattle's Best Coffee. I tried #4 first - "Rich, Elegant, Complex" - and absolutely loved it. Before that bag was even finished, I dashed out to try #5 ("Bold, Dark, Intense") and whoa nelly, powerful stuff. High caffeine buzz factor and palate-wise, they kid not when they say "intense".

And so it was, then, that I started researching this Seattle's Best Coffee online tonight, thrilled to have found a new favorite other than the same old same old. And to think, someone's actually giving Starbucks a serious run for their money right in their own hometown.

And that's when I discovered that Seattle's Best Coffee is actually a subsidiary of Starbucks.


I still love the coffee, of course, and I'm not gonna stop buying it. Nevertheless, I still can't stop feeling like I've just been Rickrolled.

- - JSH

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